Monday, August 24, 2009

Protect the Northeast Ecological Corridor Nature Reserve

Northeast Ecological Corridor Nature Reserve in Peril

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Speak Up for Leatherback Sea Turtles!

In April 2008, Surfrider Foundation and a coalition of partners celebrated the designation of Puerto Rico's Northeast Ecological Corridor (NEC) as a Nature Reserve, after a nearly 10 year campaign to protect this extraordinary natural area from the construction of the Dos Mares J.W. Marriott Resort and the San Miguel Four Seasons Resort. Besides being one of the Caribbean's biodiversity hotspots with over 50 rare, threatened, and endemic species, the NEC holds one of the most important nesting beaches for Leatherback sea turtles in the U.S. This victory also helped maintain public access to La Selva, one of the best surfing spots in the northeast coast of Puerto Rico.

Unfortunately, the NEC is in danger once again. Disregarding the NEC's extraordinary natural value and historical conservation efforts, the recently elected Governor of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Luis G. Fortuño, is considering to eliminate the NEC to make way for the construction of residential and tourism projects in the area.

These photos show whats at stake.

Email the Governor of Puerto Rico, the Secretary of the U.S. Department of the Interior, NOAA's Administrator and the Chief of the U.S. Forest Service to protect the Northeast Ecological Corridor Nature Reserve.

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