Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mahi-Mahi; when it's not on your plate!

Click here to see what Mahi are doing when they are not on your plate.  Enjoy! 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Rincon Chapter Updates

Hello Rincon!
I'd like to share all of the chapter updates from Thursday's meeting. Remember, Surfrider meets at the marina over by Joe's Bar in Club Nautico on the first Thursday of every month. Anyone can come, bring your pets if you'd like, and yes...there's beer!

Down to business:
1. The Fundacion Surfrider Rincon would like to send out a huge "Thank You" to Andrew, our intern that was helping out the chapter last month. His organization skills and help at the clean up were greatly appreciated

2. Our summer time beach clean up was a success! Check out the photos on our Facebook Page
We had a lot of new faces helping the Surfrider team collect trash and debris not only on the beach, but out on the reef.

3. We're planning a big fundraiser...could it be a block party? Keep checking for updates.

4. International Coastal Clean Day is September 17th, 2011. We'll pick a beach to set up our station and spend the rest of the morning collecting trash from our beaches and documenting what we've found. The usual suspects: straws, cups, cigerette butts...
Please join us on this big day where thousands of people around the world will also try to make a difference for the places they love, the ocean and beaches.

5. The World Tour of Body Boarding is coming to Middles in Isabela this season, from the 1st-13th of November. We're planning on participating with inspiration from the work we did at the Rip Curl Pro Search last year. An excellent opportunity to spread awareness to a vast group of people

6. Wess, the previous chapter chair, just received the grant for Marine Debris Removal from NOAA! This is big news for change on the reefs that surround Puerto Rico. Him and a team of volunteers including local businesses are planning to remove parts of a shipwreck on coral on the coast of Cabo Rojo. As part of this grant, we'll be working on a program to re-establish trash and recycling programs on land, so more garbage does not end up in the sea.

This is very big news for Rincon, seeing as I've been spying just a bit too much garbage around. We all have the power to change our surroundings, please join us in the mission to keep things clean, pristine, and better than when we found it.

That's it! Lots of great things to come and more positive work for the environment. Thank you to all of the volunteers and people out there who try to make a difference each day.