Sunday, December 28, 2008

An Australian's Thoughts on Rincón, PR

Geoff Elliot is The Australian's Washington correspondent.  In tomorrow's edition (thanks to the international dateline), he describes the impact of surfing on Puerto Rico. 

"As it happens, I've returned to Puerto Rico this month...I'm drawn to the place.  And, sure, it may have changed, but the influx of tourist dollars hasn't been an entirely bad thing.

Surf tourism - along with the rise of the eco-tourism associated with the magnificent sea turtles, migrating humpbacks and shipwrecks in the area - is a testament to the area's beauty and power.

It has helped put Tres Palmas on the conservation list, making it Puerto Rico's first marine park, in an effort championed by the Surfrider Foundation.

Who would have thought surfers would unite to protect this treasure from any would-be pirates of the Caribbean?"

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Tres Palmas, Rincón, Puerto Rico
photo: Steve Fitzpatrick

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Surfrider Efforts featured in El Nuevo Dia

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Surfrider at Rincón's Farmers Market

Steve and Jackie at work at the Farmers Market in Rincón. Thanks to Alex for this photo.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Domesday 2008

DomesDay 2008 was a huge success as Surfrider volunteers joined up with local surf businesses to clean up the beach and parking areas at Domes beach in Rincón, PR. Check out the full story here o leer más aqui en español

Monday, November 24, 2008

Coral Reef Protection Project / Proyecto de Protección de los Arrecefies de Coral

Balneario Gets Cleaned as Part of Ongoing Coral Reef Protection
Limpieza del Balneario como parte del Proyecto de protección de los Arrecifes de Coral

On a recent weekend a group of local volunteers came to help clean Rincón's Balneario (public beach). The volunteers efforts resulted in a beautiful and trash free beach. To see photos from the event click here.

Recientemente un grupo de voluntarios locales llegaron ayudaron a limpiar el Balneario (playa p
ública) de Rincón. El esfuerzo de los voluntarios dio resultado a una playa hermosa libre de basura. Para ver las fotos del evento, haga clic aquí .

This work is a part of our ongoing community project, "Coral Reef Protection through Marine Debris Removal in Reserva Marina Tres Palmas." To read up more about this community effort visit our blog.

Este trabajo es parte de un actual proyecto comunitario, "Protecci
ón de los Arrecifes de Coral a través de eliminación de desechos marinos en la Reserva Marina Tres Palmas." Para leer más acerca de este esfuerzo comunitario, visite nuestro blog.

This project will continue over the next several months and into next year. Aside from cleaning the beach, the reef and local quebradas will be cleaned as well. Different methods will be used including beach cleaning, landscaping, nearshore snorkeling and free-diving, and scuba diving from the boat. If you are interested in helping out in this community effort in any way please email Wess at, or call at (401) 258-4627.

Este proyecto continuar
á en los próximos meses y en el próximo ano. Aparte de las limpiezas de playas, se limpiarán también los arrecifes locales y quebradas. Se utilizarán diferentes métodos como: la limpieza de playas, proyectos de jardinería, snorkeling y buceo libre. Si usted está interesado en ayudar en algun modo a este esfuerzo comunitario por favor envíe un email a o llame a Wess al (401) 258-4627.