Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Domes Day in August

Recently, a soccer team from Key West High School in Florida came to Puerto Rico for a soccer tournament and hoped to participate in a community service event in Rincon during their trip. Their coach Jason Clifford contacted SF Rincon to organize this event, a few months prior, in order for the students to fulfill their school's community service requirements. We happily accepted their generosity to come to Rincon to fulfill their community service requirements and we chose Playa Domes as the event site. The event was a huge success given the students resilience to the tropical heat and hard work. After a morning of working, Playa Domes was clean and the hillside was cleared allowing the native trees and plants to thrive more readily.

At this time SF Rincon would like to thank Jason Cliford and his team from Key West High School, along with his chaperones, for making this event possible. SF Rincon would also like to thank the local volunteers that made it out and the Municipality of Rincon for their help providing a trash container for the debris and picking up the leaf and branch litter after the event. Thank you all!