Monday, February 21, 2011

Rip Curl Planet Interview

Your local Surfrider chapter worked with Rip Curl and their environmental program entitled "Rip Curl Planet" at this year's Rip Curl Pro Search 2010 in Isabela, Puerto Rico. What an opportunity to work with a huge sponsor for something local. We tried our hardest to ensure that the dunes of middles beach were protected from people standing on them and smashing the vegetation that keeps the sand in place. As they say, "no dunes, no beach," and we love our beach!

Here is a follow up on Rip Curl Planet and the work they're continuing around the globe to ensure sustainability through their company. I find it interesting that outside sources are investigating what exactly companies plan to do to help. As you may or may not have heard, there is a bit of "green-washing" happening that can mislead consumers into purchasing things with hopes to benefit the planet in some way...and yet that doesn't always happen. Speaking of which, if you'd like to do your own detective work on the "green-ness" of your favorite companies or products, check out

I think this interviewer, Howard, as it states, did a great job of asking specific questions regarding Rip Curl Planet's plans, ideals, and products. See for yourself: Rip Curl Sustainability Interview.

I found this article through an excellent website that I visit often, the Greener Blue.