Sunday, February 20, 2011

Beach Clean Up at Parking lots and the case of the straw devils.

The gang at last weekend's clean up. Viva Surfrider Rincon, PR!

My entire trash bag was just straws!!!!!!

So the beach clean up on Saturday went Ok. Not our most populated clean up but that's fine. We managed to get a lot of work done while watching the waves.

But what we've discovered as a group is that straws suck!
Yep, straws. However fun you think they might be, they are not when they're sticking up out of the sand, littering your local beach.

So, the group would love to encourage others to start thinking about straws a little more.

Do I really need to drink out of a straw with every cocktail at the bar?

Can I pass on the straw some pincho vendors give out with my soda?

Can I re-use my straw?


What about local vendors and bars/restaurants?
Maybe we can find a way to work together on this issue. Submit your ideas, comments, and suggestions here or on our Facebook Page, Fundacion Surfrider Rincon.