Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Outreach and Education as part of the Rip Curl Pro; event day 3

Wow!  What a day for outreach and education at the Rip Curl Pro Search happening at Playa Middles, in Isabela yesterday.  Our chapter together with Plastic Free Ocean, Vida Marina, and the Rip Curl Planet Foundation educated over 40 students from 2 different schools about the importance of coastal reforestation, dune protection and restoration, and environmental stewardship.  The two schools that came to visit were the Friedrich Froebel Bilingual School in Aguadilla in the morning and the Escuela Ecologica Ninos Uniedo al Mundo from Caguas, PR, in the afternoon.  As Ernie Alvarez, a representative of Plastic Free Ocean and local surfing charger says to the students, (paraphrasing) "...you are all environmental superheros that can make a difference!  So, lets work together to save la Isla del Encanto!"  Check out the slideshow and group photos from yesterdays outreach and education effort!  Exito! 

The chapter would like to thank all the participating entities and partners for making the outreach and education component of this event truly special.  This includes the Rip Curl Planet Foundation, ESPN Brazil, Dr. Robert Mayer, Tamara Trinidad, and Santos Muniz from Vida Marina, Ernie and Camille Alvarez from Plastic Free Ocean, all of the SF Rincon event crew including Jim Crotty, Justin and Angela Haynie, Shannon Lyons (and her friend Ally), James Sethward, Roger Wagner, Roger Galloza, and everyone else that has helped throughout the past 3 weeks leading up to this event.  Thanks!!!