Sunday, October 24, 2010

Eco preparation for Rip Curl Pro Day 3; SF Rincon, Vida Marina, and Rip Curl Planet work at Middles

Yesterday, Saturday October 23rd, a group of volunteers from Surfrider Foundation Rincon, Vida Marina at UPRA, the Rip Curl Planet Foundation, and Rescate Playas Isabela worked together to plant trees and plants at Wilderness, Surfers, and Middles, install protective fencing and walkways to prevent dune erosion, and unite on a cause to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the islands precious natural resources for future generations to come.

If anyone is interested in helping we need more volunteers to help build more walkways and protective fencing, with upcoming plantings, with the on-site recycling effort, and helping to spread the positive environmental message that this work represents. Contact us at

Check out this video from the past 3 events of our effort to help reduce the impacts this event could have on the environment.

Below are some photos from the coastal reforestation effort. This is another initiative inspired by the Rip Curl Planet Foundation and facilitated by SF Rincon. Our chapter is working hard to implement this and many other actions that can help reduce the environmental footprint of this event. These actions transpire into a positive multi-participatory environmental movement to inspire the people of Puerto Rico to work with us towards conservation, protection, and the enjoyment of our oceans, waves, and beaches.
The chapter has put 215 plants in the ground to date as part of our initiative to reduce coastal erosion, stabilize dune habitat, create new habitat, and offset carbon emissions. The next planting is scheduled for November 1st 2010 at Playa Middles at 8 am.
This is a satellite image of Playa Middles with the plants/trees we have planted to date. Note; this satellite images is out dated but still serves as a representation of the exact area we have planted over the past few events. The significance of this is that it reminds us that the morphology of our coastlines are ever changing and necessitates the need for increased dune restoration and coastal reforestation to save our beaches.

This is one of the three planting areas we installed at Wilderness yesterday. These are commonly known as the tropical almond tree or almendra in spanish.

This is one of the groups of volunteers that worked during yesterday's event. This crew planted more than 215 plants in one day! The other crew worked closely with Vida Marina at Middles to install more protective fencing and walkways to deter dune erosion. See photos below.

This is the protective fencing at the western end of the Middles event site. The walkways will be installed later this week in collaboration with Vida Marina and the Rip Curl Planet Foundation.

Here, Angie from Rip Curl, fastens the upper portion of the rope that fences in the walkway. Thanks Angie!

Contact Surfrider Foundation Rincon to learn about ways to help in the upcoming events and during the event window. Email us at
Surfrider Foundation Rincon