Thursday, October 28, 2010

Eco preparation for Rip Curl Pro Day 5; SF Rincon and Vida Marina install more walkways

Today a group of 7 volunteers from the chapter of the Surfrider Foundation in Rincon, Vida Marina at UPRA, Rescate Playas Isabella, and the Rip Curl Planet Foundation installed some more walkways on the western side of the Middles event site.  This work is being done to reduce the impacts of pediatrician traffic on the dunes.  The pathways help by reducing dune erosion in a sustainable and aesthetic way.  Check out the photos of the new walkways below!

 James and I getting to work on the first section. 

Jim walking down the new walkway.  

The western walkway

The crew the helped with the on-site effort.  

In addition, we roped off an area on the eastern side of the event site in preparation for the tree planting on Monday, November 1st with local students, SF Rincon, Vida Marina, RPI, and the Rip Curl Planet Foundation.

Jonathan moving plants to a safe keeping spot for our Monday event. 

Angela representing

James roping off the planting areas