Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When pigs fly

Surfers and beachgoers in Rincón enjoyed a beautiful breezy day last Thursday with waves rolling in at Domes Beach. All, however, was not quiet as a helicopter kept appearing overhead, landing behind the Dome and then headed out to sea hauling a variety of loads.

In addition to the choppers, rumours were flying around town. Was nuclear waste being removed from the plant and dumped at sea? Was there some covert operation going down? Inquiring minds wanted to know.

As it turns out, the flights were part of the staging for the KP1-5 Project. The purpose of the KP1-5 Project is to work toward a solution to the closure of Desecheo and Navassa Islands to Amateur Radio operators by achieving lawful, periodic access to these islands pursuant to U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service authorization.

You can track the efforts of the Desecheo radio team on line.