Sunday, February 22, 2009

Bamboo Beach and Rescate Playa Isabela hosts an event for Surfrider Foundation Rincón

With the venue provided for by Bamboo Beach in Isabela, Rescate Playa Isabela hosted Surfrider Foundation Rincón for the showing of the film 'Salva Tres Palmas.' The film documents the progress of implementing the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve as the first official marine reserve on the main island of Puerto Rico. Highlights of the film include essential communal, scientific, and environmental agencies' points-of-view on the importance of protecting this unique area, fantastic photography and video, and outstanding music provided for by Mijo de la Palma. Surfrider Foundation Rincón would like to thank Bamboo Beach for providing the excellent venue, and Rescate Playa Isabela for hosting the event. We will look forward to future collaborations.