Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This is how the Waltons like to vacation.

What's the big deal about three vacationers with spare tires?

Hailing from the mountains of Colorado and the hills of Pennsylvania, these three visitors to the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve were inspired by local efforts to keep marine debris out of Tres Palmas. Having recently learned about the community's campaign to not only protect, but help restore the endangered elkhorn coral reefs by removing nearly 500 tires from the area, these 3 strongmen were compelled to pitch in when they came across a lone tire while snorkeling in thirty feet of water.

Returning the next day, they jury-rigged their own hauling system replete with surfboards, snorkels and binder's twine. To the amazement of their family and friends, the three managed to find the strength needed to get the tire to shore without mishap or injury.